Vernon Soccer Club

Players Juggling Club

The goal of the Juggling Club is to establish a fun and creative way to have Vernon soccer players become more technical. It also will inspire you to use their soccer ball on a more consistent basis with a goal in mind. Juggling in and of itself is not something that can be used to determine a soccer players ability, however it is a useful tool to help players "own" the soccer ball and to develop a better touch on the ball.

Players will be recognized for their hard work on the website and in our newsletter.


1. Players may only use their feet. Touches with the feet count toward the total number juggles. The players must return to zero if the ball hits the ground. All other body parts can be used but, they do not count toward the total number of juggles. (Ex. If a player uses their thigh to keep the ball in the air it will not be counted, but the players can continue their count with the next touch with their feet. One foot, two foot, thigh, three foot would count as three.)

2. Honor System. Players do not need an adult to count or be present. The players are responsible for accurately counting the number of touches on the ball. The Director of Coaching will be responsible for any discrepancies or disputes and to verify the players skill level is accurate to what is being reported.

3. The VSC Juggling Club has three levels of achievement which are, 150 touches, 300 touches, and 500 touches. Players will be given a VSC Juggling Club T-shirt with the appropriate level. Players will be photographed in their shirt and have it posted to the website. Players who skip a level will receive the T-shirt of the highest level only. Ex. A player does three hundred juggles will be given the 300 shirt and not the 150 and 300 shirt.

Reporting: The players once reaching a level of achievement will notify the Director of Comp or Director of Rec. They will determine a time and place to hand out the T-Shirt and take a picture of the player wearing the VSC Juggling Club T-Shirt. Pictures will be posted to the VSC website under the appropriate touch level.


Patterns: It is helpful to establish a pattern with juggling and stick to the pattern. The weaker foot is always one that causes players the most difficulty. The quickest way to become a better juggler and more importantly develop a better touch is to work on the weak foot specifically. A pattern for a right footed player would be two left one right and continue this pattern. This will be more time consuming and results are slower INITIALLY, however in short time the player will have the ability to juggle indefinitely. Dedication and discipline are the keys here and, the dedication will pay off in the long run.

Goal Setting: Set up goals.The goals can be weekly, monthly and yearly. Try to achieve a certain number of juggles by each period of time. The goals become your target. Start slow and with a reasonable goal and your results will start to improve.

Juggling a Soccer Ball for Beginners