Vernon Soccer Club

2018 Fall Rec Teams

Please note that there have been some challenges with players showing up on the wrong TEAM CONNECT sites and receiving invites for teams they are not on. The league is working to correct this. The vendor is closed for the holiday weekend. We suspect this will be corrected the 1st week of Sept. Below are the rosters for every player playing on each team. Should you have received a welcome invite for another team, please disregard it. Questions about Rec teams... please contact Rec Director Mary Stone or Micro Director Matt Wujcik.

Micro Coed Team Assignments:

Assignment First Name Last Name Assignment First Name Last Name
Micro-5 Coed Orange Christopher Turnbull Micro-5 Coed Green Arielle Sanchez
Micro-5 Coed Orange Alex Cournoyer Micro-5 Coed Green Ella Charette
Micro-5 Coed Orange Charlotte Morse Micro-5 Coed Green Shane Keegan
Micro-5 Coed Orange Kayla Saucier Micro-5 Coed Green Addilyn Hakian
Micro-5 Coed Orange Parker Harris Micro-5 Coed Green Jesus Torres IV
Micro-5 Coed Orange Karley dyment Micro-5 Coed Green Cameron Comparone
Micro-5 Coed Green Julian Williams
Micro-5 Coed Red Brianna Ruotolo Micro-5 Coed Blue Thiago Acuna
Micro-5 Coed Red Kaley Matson Micro-5 Coed Blue Genavieve Barber
Micro-5 Coed Red Rian Coma Micro-5 Coed Blue Carter Buonome
Micro-5 Coed Red Jackson Wheelock Micro-5 Coed Blue Juliana Gionfriddo
Micro-5 Coed Red Matthew Szczycinski Micro-5 Coed Blue Callie Boyajian
Micro-5 Coed Red Colin Olmstead Micro-5 Coed Blue Grayson Buonome
Micro-5 Coed Red Addison Carl Micro-5 Coed Blue David Tindal

8U Coed Team Assignments:

Team Assignment First Name Last Name Team Assignment First Name Last Name Team Assignment First Name Last Name
Argentina Savanna Kaufman Ireland Hunter Neff Portugal Samerah Beason
Argentina Samuel Cooke Ireland Anthony Skoly Portugal Kimberly Cournoyer
Argentina Elam Castle Ireland Felicity Gounaris Portugal Chase Kopcza
Argentina Collin Pender Ireland Dana Knotts Portugal Chandler Paquette
Argentina Makayla Farris Ireland Gwendolyn Willis Portugal Cadence Bunker
Argentina Maiyah Velazquez Ireland Quinn D'Agostino Portugal Antonio Deciantis
Argentina Gabriel Rodriguez Ireland Kayden-Henry Mable Portugal Andrew Lamphere
Italy Leah Wujcik Mexico Katherine LaBlanc Japan Ethan Greenberg
Italy Landon Sosa Mexico Evan Ball Japan Anaiyah Colon
Italy Olivia Mailloux Mexico Angel Rivera Japan Samantha Corentin
Italy Grayson Freeman Mexico Cobie Gardner Japan Brianna Carl
Italy Declan Yarusewicz Mexico Cayden-Ray Nisbet05 Japan Maeve Lemieux
Italy Jake Cowell Mexico Dominic Greco Japan Samuel Gonzalez
Italy Brayden Normandin Mexico Madison Lagassie Japan Josiah-Talon Massé
Italy Maya SMITH Mexico Arianna Martin Japan Enrique Rosado
USA Caleb Champion England Landon Whitaker
USA Sarah Rizzo England Logan Cincotta
USA Zachary Cefaratti England Eliza Coma
USA Mauro Rodriguez England Natalie Rizzo
USA Brenna Kyle England Elliot Splain
USA Mikaela Acuna England Robert Wise
USA Ronan Wilper England Adelyn Stark

10U Coed Team Assignments:

Assignment First Name Last Name Assignment First Name Last Name
Ireland Ryan Stark Spain jaleaha sampson
Ireland Stamos Kapolas Spain Parker Rouleau
Ireland Sophia Biron Spain Eli Golas
Ireland Andrew Krantz Spain David Ball
Ireland Elizabeth Zayachkiwsky Spain Giovanni Sanchez
Ireland Soumil Jain Spain Allyson Autieri
Ireland Panos Kapolas Spain Adam Federowicz
Ireland Tyler Rawson Spain Gia Fisher
Ireland Beckett Morse Spain Nicholas Turnbull
Ireland Heidi Sziabowski Spain Blake Lewis
Ireland Myles Sullivan Spain Ethan Adkins
Italy Emily Lagassie Holland Vincent Bochiechio
Italy Evan Rylander Holland Maya Jones
Italy Jacob Brown Holland Noah Jangula-Mootz
Italy Gavin Hakian Holland Efrain Parrilla
Italy Natalie Saucier Holland Ashley Matula
Italy Micah Masse Holland Brooklin Foster
Italy Oskar Kalnenieks Holland Emmett Kristoff
Italy Connor Lambert Holland Xavien Tolton
Italy Kristen Miller Holland Isaiah Nicolas
Italy Gianna Rounds Holland Mason Bryant
Italy Noah Dunton Holland Lilyanna Brown
Holland Michal Szczycinski