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Support For Referees:
Every person responsible for a team and each and every spectator and player will respect the authority of the referee. This respect is essential to the proper play of the game, the development of our players and the retention of quality, experienced referees. Failure to respect the authority of the referee, sets a bad example for everyone else, especially the players and can rapidly lead to a hostile, negative environment where playing the game of soccer is no longer the focus of the activity. This is entirely inconsistent with the sportsmanship goals that the Vernon Soccer Club has established.

From The Sidelines:
All spectators are to cheer players on in a positive way. Other than words of encouragement, there should be silent sidelines. Spectators are to sit on the sideline area opposite of the players benches. Spectators are prohibited from the goal sideline areas.

VCMS Parking:

  • There is no parking along the wooden rail at VCMS.

  • When parking on top of the hill at VCMS, please park parallel to the lower fields (Don't park with you headlights or tail lights pointed down at the lower fields).

Persons Responsible for a Team:
With the exception of responding to a communication initiated by a referee, making a substitution, or pointing out an emergency safety issue during the play of a match, the persons responsible for a team should not say anything to a referee. Nor should they do anything that conveys in any way any criticism of the referee. Coaches may ask questions before the start of play or direct questions properly through their captains, but may not approach the referees at halftime or at the end of the match.

*Coaches, who have concerns about referee's officiating, may express those concerns orally in writing to the VSC's Referee Director. Coaches may not express those concerns to the referee.

The VSC's policy regarding infractions of this rule is as follows:
1. The first instance of reasonably low key dissent is to be acknowledged with a verbal warning.
2. The second instance will result in the coach's dismissal from the field. Coaches are not to be issued a card of any kind.
3. Any coach dismissed from a match will issued an immediate suspension from all coaching activities for minimum of one (1) week, which shall include at least one (1) game.
4. Any subsequent offense shall result in an indefinite suspension and disciplinary action handed down from the VSC Disciplinary Board.

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