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Seasonal training plan to be followed by all coaches.

Session 1: 1 hour session with the coach
· Meet and greet with the parents
· Do game-based drills
· Can do a short team scrimmage if they seem ready

Session 2: 1 hour session with the coach
· Do game-based drills
· Do a short team scrimmage

Session 3 - 7: 30 minutes with coach, 30 minutes scrimmage against other teams
· Do game-based drills (meet at the same field)
· Games

Session 8 (Last Session): 30 minutes scrimmage against other teams, 30 minutes team celebration
· Games
· Pass out patches, pictures, medals or trophies - great time to have a special snack

Game Instructions (No Goalies)
· Games are never more than 4v4. Use subs on the fly to add kids.
· Games are 30 minutes, Balance teams as needed.
· Field is 20x30. Use popup pug goals.
· Keep the ball in play and the kids on the field. No scorekeeping.
· Encourage all goals, even if they are going the wrong way.
· Try to get all kids to touch the ball. The best way to do that is to have several balls ready to go. When one goes out, shout "new ball" and throw in the new ball. Coaches/ball throwers should try to get the ball to kids who have not had touches. It is really hard to get some kids to stop chasing the balls out of bounds … but eventually they catch on.



Seasonal session plans to be followed by all coaches. Feel free to layer in additional skill trainings.

Micro Week 1

Micro Week 2

Micro Week 3

Micro Week 4

Micro Week 5

Micro Week 6

Micro Week 7

Micro Week 8 
(Coaches Choice)

Links to the skills to teach and review over the season. Work these skills into your training sessions during the season. Feel free to share the video links with your parents as well.

Toe Touches
Quick Touches

Change in Direction:
Inside of the foot turn
Outside of the foot turn
Step on

Attacking Move:
Fake & Take
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