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Lit'l Kickers Program

Lit'l Kickers Soccer is the foundation of our program. Our 2 and 3-year-old boys and girls come out to have a great time! Remember when you were 2 or 3? We can't, but we are sure life was about play, fun and making friends. The Lit'l Kickers program brings that same spirit of fun and adventure to the entire family and establishes a soccer experience that lasts a lifetime. This program is the first in our progressional series of soccer programs that support the growth and development of players at the youngest age levels. The players will learn to move their bodies around a soccer field and balance while manipulating a ball. Our focus will be on fun movement games to strengthen gross motor skills and introducing the concept of teamwork. 

Parent participation is encouraged (but not required) to make young children comfortable with this soccer experience.

Please review the registration platform for seasonal dates and times.

Additional Lit'l Kickers Parent Information

For many families, this may be their first experience with soccer. Many hands make light work if the philosophy here. We will have a coaching leader and often many high school players to help reduce the coach to player ratio. Having multiple parents/guardians assist the coaches is helpful as well. Please be sure that your child has on comfortable athletic shoes or preferably cleats (double knotted) and shin guards (worn under socks at all times). Please bring the correct size 3 soccer ball and a full water bottle. All items should be labeled with your child's name and/or phone number. Long hair should be tied back and no jewelry (including necklaces, earrings, watches or hair clips) should be worn. Please have your child visit the restroom before practice

Please drive SLOWLY around the fields!!!!


In the event of inclement weather, please check the home page of this website for FINAL rainout information.
Parents can and should subscribe to the notices from the website and activate their Team Connect App. All cancellation notices posted to the website will go directly to your home and/or work e-mail immediately upon posting.
If you provide your cell number you will also receive a text message alert for last-minute changes. This can be particularly helpful if you do not regularly check email.


If your child has any allergies (especially to bee stings), asthma, or any other serious health issue be sure to discuss this with your coach. We do not provide coaches with an extensive first aid kit. If your child may need more than a band-aid or ice pack, be sure that your child's coach has it and knows how to use it.


Youth sports is the time to model correct and appropriate behavior for our children. Always keep in mind that this is a GAME and that these are CHILDREN playing. There will be mistakes made by players, coaches and referees alike. Cheer your child on, but step back from the sideline and please let your coach do the coaching. While most coaches welcome any comments from the parents about how to make the season more productive and fun, please remember that the coaches are all parent volunteers who are working hard to spend time teaching your child. If you should have any concerns about your child's coach, please contact your Division Director.

Above all, please remember that the Intramural Soccer Program is first and foremost about our children having FUN. The goal is for our youth to learn to play soccer, get along with and play as a team, and be competitive and show good sportsmanship while having FUN. We look forward to another great season!

Good Faith Offering
Our target is a 6 to 10 week season. Factors that can impact this good faith recreational offering are our volunteer coach schedules and availability, player availability, field and weather conditions, safety, mandatory or suggested Town / State shutdowns, Pandemics, etc. 

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