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Competitive Tryout Exercises

Posted May 3, 2018

The sessions will be organized similar to the following:

  • 30 min before:


Sign in begins

  • 15 min before:


Stretching, Warm UpTryout Session Begins

  • Warm Up


Jogging Laps, Sprints, Juggling, Touch & Turn Exercises, DribblingAt this point players will be split by age group, U9-U11 & U12-U14

  • Passing


Passing exercises incorporating passing and receiving skills. Passes should be crisp, and on target. Receivers must move to the ball (check to the ball) with a good directed first touch..

  • 1:1 Defense


Feet together, on your toes, ready to move, arms out.... Yell "I got ball" and run out to the attacker and delay by slowing and directing attacker to the side of the area. Pressure ONLY!

  • 1:1 Attacking


With the ball at your feet dribble around the defender using any of the following: Speed, Acceleration, Shielding, Evasive Moves, Feints, Hesitation. Defenders are pressure only to start, more advanced players may move on to full tackle

  • 2v1 to Goal


Pass out from the goal, then defend the ball. Player who receives the ball crosses and a third player takes a shot. 1-Touch if you can, 2-Touch if you must, 3-Touch if you absolutely have to. Aim for the corners of the net, and make sure you go to goal after passing across!

  • Mini games

Round robin style 3v3 or 4v4 small sided games

  • Wrap Up

Evaluators may call individuals over for review in case of missed scores

Good Luck!

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